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Situated at No.292, Duwawatta,Rajgama, Sri Lanka M C Mendis Centre provides Correspondence Courses for empowerment of all needy civilians by educating them in Preliminary education to Higher Education by Distance Learning programmes based on In-House Training and Consultancy, including Continuing Professional Development on the Subjects of Social Sciences, Disability, Transport, Mediation, Naural Sciences, Building Construction Engineering, Agriculture, Horticulture, Beauty Culture, House planning, Estimating, Surveying, Accessibility Planning, Estate management, Construction Management, Building Services, Music, Sports,House keeping, Book-keeping, Accountancy,Culture, Research, Paddy Cultivation, Human Rights, Disaster preparedness Political Education for equal opportunity,Cost Engineering,Sanitary Engineering,Tourism,Journalism ICT and On Online Education etc. to enable to integrate them in to main stream of earning community to develop Mother Land Read More...