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About MC Mendis Centre:

M C Mendis Centre is situated at No.292,Duwawatta,Mawadawila, Ratgama, Sri Lanka

M C Mendis Centre Provides Training &Consultancy on disability, disability accessibility education

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M C Mendis (Founder) Mr. T. Jayasena, BA(General) University of Colombo (1972) Retired Bank Manager of the People’s Bank with M.C. Mendis MSSc (Social Sciences) University of Kelaniya (2015) Ch Quantity Surveyor and Access Planner of the NHDA & UDA together with Mr. D.H. Siripala BA(General) University of Colombo (1972) Retired Labour Officer of the Dep. of Labour are started our studies together at the G/Mawadawila Maliyadewa Maha Vidyalaya since 1955.

M C Mendis Centre provides Correspondence Courses for empowerment of all needy civilians by educating them in Preliminary education to Higher Education by Distance Learning programmes based on In-House Training and Consultancy, including Continuing Professional Development on the Subjects of Social Sciences, Disability, Transport, Mediation, Naural Sciences, Building Construction Engineering, Agriculture, Horticulture, Beauty Culture, House planning, Estimating, Surveying, Accessibility Planning, Estate management, Construction Management, Building Services, Music, Sports,House keeping, Book-keeping, Accountancy,Culture, Research, Paddy Cultivation, Human Rights, Disaster preparedness Political Education for equal opportunity,Cost Engineering,Sanitary Engineering,Tourism,Journalism ICT and On Online Education etc. to enable to integrate them in to main stream of earning community to develop Mother Land '

Director, Engineer M C Mendis MIIESL, GCGI (London), AAIQS, AIQSSL, Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Social Scientist, Justice of the Peace for Whole Island

M C Mendis decided to study in Polytechnical Institute at Galle in 1968 . He has studied as civil engineering draughtsman, Building Engineer, Builders quantity surveying estimator up to 1975. In 1969 M C Mendis join hand with political activities with advices of the Hon. M G Mendis MP of Ratgama Electorate. He has Started his carrier as a Government Technical officer attached to the Quantity Surveying section in the Buildings Department in 1977. M C Mendis engaged in social welfare activities and started the first association of the mobility disabled in Sri Lanka and furthered to be a founder member of formation the United Front of the Handicapped in Sri Lanka in 1977. Later in 1985 has revised It’s name from UFH to Sri Lanka Confederation of Organisations of the Handicapped People and has obtained the status of National Member Assembly of DPI since 1985. and the first organization of the disabled as slcohp has registered by the Sri Lanka government on the date of 13 September 1988 has marked to annually celebrate this date. M C Mendis Incorporated Engineer & Builder, Professional / Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Access Planner, Civil Engineering Graduate of the City & Guilds London Institute , incorporate Member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Training & Development has employed in the several government organizations.


( Biography of Founder leader MC Mendis in brief )

I got an attacked of Polio at the five years. Over this, my mother had a severe mental strain and as a result, she felt sick and died. After rehabilitation given at the hospital as decided my father, I could manage to move with the help of pair of arm crutches and Califer fitted to my paralyzed lags.

I was admitted to the village school near. My father had to take me by his paddled bicycle to the school and back every day. Later I had an opportunity to attend a school in nearer town few kilometers away from my secondary education as a public transport bus service was available . Children used to come to my house to play with me because I had an ability to make toys and handicrafts using father’s tools. The school teachers sympathetically helped me.

When I qualified to study science subjects teachers did not allow me to do so due to my disability. After many requests done through my father to the principal succeeded to enter the science class. Due to my father’s illness he had to leave me for treatment to the main city. Owing to those circumstances and as eldest sister and elder brothers were away from the home for their employments automatically I had to take the responsibility of managing my father's business and cultivations too.

When I qualified to do Advance level science studies the Principals did not enroll me due to my disability. I used to read books on subjects like science, literature and psychology as a hobby. In the 1968 June issue of the American news magazine there was an article about the death of “Dr. Hellen Keller”. This gave me encouragement and completely changed my attitude towards life. As my elder brother was doing surveying I had an idea to learn survey plan drawings. Therefore I learned the same. Later I entered the collage of Higher Technology to study Civil Engineering Draftsmanship but the Director of the Institute did not allow me to do surveying practical due to my disability and as such I could not complete the course and not able to obtain a job. But I sat for the survey draughtsman license exam conducted by the surveyor General and got the license. While I was doing my father's business and managing cultivation I conducted tuition classes. Also I joined hand with the Hon. M G Mendis MP of my electorate for support the needy. Also then I started “society for unemployed school leavers”, “Relief Association for deaths” “Yong Farmers Society” and “sports Club”. While doing these I had a part time job as a building draughtsman. In the mean time I entered the Polytechnic College and successfully completed a part time course in Building Construction Engineering. This was actually a great achievement in my life.

With the experiences I gathered in overcoming most of the difficulties faced in my life and I got the idea to start a welfare association of the Physically Handicapped and finally I was able to be the originator of the Physically (Mobility) handicapped movement in Sri Lanka and also able to be a founder member of United Front of Handicapped (UFH) since 1977and later SLCOHP (DPI of Sri Lanka ). Government has recognized my services towards developments and award me a “Justice of the Peace for the country wide “ In 1996 Myself as a member of the Chartered Institute Building (UK) , I started a Sri Lanka Group of same with Sri Lankan members which I enrolled and Myself has been appointed as it’s Representative in Sri Lanka and I was able to conducted building exhibitions continuously since 1988 promoting the needs of the building accessibility as its’ one of the components of upgrading the awareness of the spectators. This was continued up to 10years and I succeeded our all targets. Also I like to mention here that I was appointed as the Liaison Officer in Sri Lanka by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors since 1996, was an another achievement which I also was able to promote several quantity surveyors in my country.


a) The Sri Lanka Confederation of organizations of the Handicapped people shall be a non-political and non-sectarian organization.

b) Be the coordinating body of all it’s affiliated divisional based organizations of handicapped persons in Sri Lanka.

c) Act in creating and promoting self-help organizations of the handicapped persons at grassroots level with the support of the government divisional secretariat basis and keeping national committees of every categories of handicapped persons such as blind / partially blind/ one eye blind ; post polio survivors / Wheel chair users / loss of one leg persons etc. are considered to have separate national committees within the organization to enable them to voice their own particular problems to speak for solutions, development and keep corporation among other s.

d) Be the coordinating body between the government and individual organizations of handicapped people when handling problems that are common to all handicapped categories.

e) To work for the implementation of living standards of handicapped people and achieve for them the rights and privileges available to all other citizens.

f) To promote the creation of independent organizations of various categories of handicapped persons and eliminate conflict amongst them.